Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Apologies to any bagpipers

We went for a walk to a friends round the corner on Sunday and partway there heard a bagpiper practising in their backyard.

My kids hate loud noises - apart from the ones they make themselves and will usually put their fingers in their ears when the TV or radio is on too loud.

I looked around at My Little Girl and she's got her fingers firmly plugged in her ears.

The two girls are curious so they peek through the gate to check him out - he wasn't wearing a kilt or anything.

We pass the fence and The Boy pipes up: "That music is really annoying"


Karen aka Cloggie68 said...

LOL, my 2 boys would find it too loud too even though they love music!! Don't know if they would like bagpipes though ;)

Phill and Melissa said...


Kathy said...

Kind of a cool thing to stumble upon.