Thursday, August 21, 2008

Toenail Etiquette?

Wednesday is the girls swimming night so yesterday we were in the change rooms and a lady is sitting next to us on the bench clipping her toenails. I would have thought that's more a private activity but she's there, clipping away, the toenails flinging off into space and onto the floor. I just think that's yuck. Any thoughts?

The kids have been getting into the Olympics. The Boy got home from kinder yesterday and straight after lunch he says "Can I watch the Beijing Olympics?" of course I let him. He spent a quiet afternoon building duplo and watching a variety of sports on TV - it's only once every four years you know. We have also got a new bedtime routine, instead of stories the kids are opting to watch the Olympics. We all curl up on the couches and watch it together, it's kind of nice, but only a few more days to go. They even got to see the rowing golds by Australia on the weekend which were on about 7PM which was pretty exciting.
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Scarlet O'Kara said...

Just stopped by from the Blog Train...

I have to agree with you...toenail clipping should be done in the privacy of your home...and you can add fingernail grooming to that list too.

And the Olympics are a must-see in our household too! We're going to miss it when the flame is extinquished...;0(

Amanda said...

Ummm, yeah. Toenail clipping is for at home. I don't even like to do it outside my bathroom.

How can you say no to the Olympics? I couldn't. We've been watching them as well. It's been a nice break from the Mommy mind numbing Blues Clues and the sort.

Elouise82 said...

Ugh. Yet another reminder of why I always wear sandals in the changing rooms of any public swimming facilities. Just the thought of stepping on another person's discarded toenail makes me want to gag!

I'd be watching more Olympics but for the fact that NBC only shows three sports: swimming/diving, gymnastics, and volleyball, and a person can only watch so much of those before they start to get monotonous!

I did enjoy watching the Romanian woman become the oldest woman ever to win the marathon, though. (they did show that, thankfully!) And, of course, Michael Phelps.

Angela said...

Love the Olympics! But toenail clipping in public, notsomuch... ick!!!

Kelsey said...

Eww toenail clippings? That is just gross!