Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Night My Life Changed

I know the title is dramatic, the story isn't that exciting, in fact some will say it's boring, in fact when I brought it up with Hubby about a month ago he didn't even remember it and he was there (he could be blocking it out due to emotional scars), but I look back and I see that's where it began.

My boyfriend then (Hubby now) and I were sitting in his car chatting, now he's not one to wear his emotions on his sleeve and talking about faith is still really difficult for him, and he comes out with this gem "church - you know it's important to me". Me being the sensitive person that I am burst out laughing, so I'm laughing hysterically and he's sitting there with this completely serious look on his face and after about a minute of me cracking up and him all serious I say "you're serious aren't you". Hubby: "yes" ... silence follows then the subject is changed.

A bit of background - Hubby had not at this time made any commitment to Christ and was basically living the full crazy university experience complete with late night clubbing etc.,etc,so you can see why I at first thought he was having a joke. Growing up in the church he knew all about it, obviously thought it was important but hadn't yet taken the stand to say "I'm going to follow Christ". My previous experience of church had been through school and the one person I knew who went to church at school, well she was just weird.

Anyway I thought about this for a little while (about 10mins) and came to the conclusion if we were going to keep going out I should at least find out a little bit about something he considered important.

Why share this story? I think there's a lot of lessons for Christians in sharing your faith.

Firstly you don't need to have it together, be articulate or anything to share your faith. Hubby hadn't even committed himself, he just said a simple, honest sentence and it was enough. Just be obedient, when God says speak, you speak. In the Australia the worst that would usually happen is a bit of ridicule I think we can handle it.

I look at where I was then, I was not looking for anything, I was happy with my life, binge drinking a couple nights a week and basically partying through life, if it could happen to me there's no reason why it won't happen to my friends and family or your friends and family.

Don't presume that because they don't have Christ people are unhappy or dissatisfied - I wasn't. Now I say I couldn't go back to living without Christ but I wasn't looking for anything then and if anyone had come with that line to me then I would have told them where to go. So stay humble when you're sharing your faith.

... and if you don't know Christ go and check Him out - you might be surprised.

Tune in some time in the future for the next installment of my conversion or you can read the short story here.

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chantillylace said...

Lovely story Melissa. I'm not of any faith, just believe in keeping to my standards of behaviour and morals and being good to people and good comes back to you. I love your layout. Thanks for visitng my blog.

Angela said...

Beautiful post... and you are right, we all should share our stories in order to share His word. We may touch someone without even knowing it...

God Bless you!

SarahHub said...

Just checking out your blog for the first time -- it's great!

Thanks for sharing the story. It's amazing how He draws us in!