Thursday, August 14, 2008

My hard drive is a mess ...

and after my recent episode with the computer I decided it's time to organise my files and backup properly so if my computer does go gaga it isn't an absolute nightmare finding and restoring the files I need.

Just to give you an idea of what I'm up against I have a folder scrapbooking>scrapbooking supplies that contains my scrapbooking supplies.

...and it keeps going

... but wait there's more

...and don't forget those ones I haven't moved across from my downloads folder. Oh and I also have some stuff floating around on my desktop. I'll probably put these in shop>designer>kit folders and get rid of what I probably won't use again and burn to disc. Phew but wait

what about My Pictures folder? Needs some attention too and I also want to upload to flickr and burn discs.

Finally my layouts need to be resized, flattened and uploaded to shutterfly for yearly albums. I changed my mind and I'll probably try to get 2006 finished first because I think I've already done most of the years layouts:)

Don't even get me started on my bookmarks - takes me a couple of minutes to scroll down to the bottom (only kidding - just) and the rest of mydocuments is probably in a similar state. Make sure you check back next decade - you can check my progress.


Bev said...

I need to organize mine and that is the exact reason, I keep putting it off!

Lill-B said...

Don't remind me of that mess. Organizing the stuff is always the last thing om my to-do-list. Good luck with yours. Have a nice weekend!

Kim said...

Oh, I know! I just organized my files and it really takes hours! You should check out ACDSee, I just bought it a couple of months ago and it's a great help to find stuff easier on your computer! I'm not affilated, just a happy user!

:::Melanie::: said...

WOW! glad to know I am not the only one disorganized! lol GL with all of that!

Leigh said...

Oranization should be a four letter word!