Monday, August 11, 2008

Long Weekend @ Mt Buller

The forecast for the weekend was terrible with strong winds and snow increasing to gale force winds and blizzards by Sunday so we were a bit unsure how it would be. Hubby didn't get back from China until 9PM Thursday night so we didn't leave until about 8:45AM on Friday but got up in time to ski in the afternoon. The exciting news was -we could see! A first for us at Buller usually we have struggled to see the next pole leading to the trails. We even had to use sunscreen. Here we are at the top.
The wind was still pretty cold though and The Boy's hands got cold which led to loud wailing ...and more wailing ... take off mittens inside Kofler's... wailing's not stopping ... hot chocolate ...all better. The day ended there for The Boy, My Big Girl and Hubby. My Little Girl and I went for a run down Little Buller Spur which was fantastic but when I tried to talk her round to another go she said no she only came for one run to be kind to me. So my skiing was finished for the day too because I had to take her back home... speaking of home...

Saturday dawned to fantastic conditions - fresh snow overnight, light breeze and good visibilty. We were one of the first down Boomerang and The Chute through all that fresh snow. We had a few more runs then down Summit our friends daughter (10yo) got taken out by a boarder and had to be taken home by skidoo. She was OK, the board hit her hip and gave her a bad corkie though, we thought at first she may have broken her leg when the boarder landed on top of her.

After that we kept going and I did my first black run - yeah! Then headed across to Wombat's for a few runs. This is the view up Little Buller Spur.
Taking a rest break ...
Wozza and his animal friends entertaining the kids after ski school...there's The Boy in the helmet...

and My Little Girl in the purple neck wrap ...can they get any closer?Here's My Big Girl trying to avoid the photo. She had a great day at ski school, apparently she was the only girl in her group and there was some "really funny boys" ... they nicknamed her Strawberry. Her cousin was in her group too. Strawberry and I went for a few runs afterwards ... apparently I don't go fast enough ... I also don't do "shortcuts". Speaking of shortcuts on Wombats I saw a skier come off the run above me, cross Wombats, take off over the lip and do a backward somersault - he even landed it. Cue applause from chairlift.and the view.
Sunday it was snowing and windy but luckily not as bad as predicted. The kids went to half day ski school. We did about 7 runs then went to have lunch before we picked up the kids. By this time we'd had a bit of snow and it was still snowing fairly thickly.

Hubby to taxi driver: "We've got a 4WD will we need chains?"

Taxi driver: "If you can get out of the carpark you'll be right"

A couple minutes later the 4WD in front of us tries to take a bend too quickly and ends up in the bank ... two wheels tip up then luckily it tips back the right way.

Me to Hubby "Can you do this?" ... bite nails.

Hubby: "I think so"

Me: "Are you going to put on chains"

Hubby: " No. we'll be right we'll just take it slowly."
So we reach the car and it's not looking too bad. Hubby cleared the top and put the skis in while I dug a path to reach the road ... and we were off ... more nail biting.

Going down the mountain we saw at least ten cars that had slid off into the ditch at the side of the road. Three we saw happen. Part way down The Boy started to vomit ...but we can't stop because if we pull of the side of the road we'll get stuck in the snow. So The Boy's crying, My Big Girl's crying because he was sick on her jacket ... lots of fun for everyone. The Boy informs us that he had pasta for lunch which by this time I'm well aware of. We get down and stop at a petrol station in Mansfield so we can clean him up, get some spare clothes on him and we keep going. About 15mins from Yea he starts vomiting again but now it's hailing so we can't stop again so we keep going to Yea. This time we clean him up with tissues, pull out the case to get the last change of clothes then keep going. After each vomit he keeps asking how long until we stop at McDonalds. Coldstream he vommits again ... we pull over clean him up the best we can but there's no more clean clothes. He's still asking about McDonalds but we can't stop now so we decide to get drive thru. Another 40 mins and we stop at the closest McDonalds to home... pickup the food ... there's no toys left which is a cause for much complaint ... then head for home. At the corner to our street The Boy vomits for the third time at which point I declare no McDonalds for you ... it's going to be shower and bed with a little bowl of dry biscuits and water next to the bed. I didn't fancy cleaning chicken nuggets and fries out of the bed.

He woke up fine today so it must have just been car sickness.

Harry was obviously all tuckered out from his weekend away at the kennel. Sleeping in the rain.


Charlie's Nana said...

WOW! Fantastic pictures! Sounds like you had a super weekend!

Dee Bibb said...

Love those photos! Sounds like a super least until the drive home!

Bev said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend! Pics are gorgous but I am deathly afraid of heights so you will never catch me skiing! Glad you all had a wonderful time!

@}-- ruby --{@ said...

Wow, those are great photos, and so much fun. Great views and I would really love to be there, why don't it snow in the Philippines, lol

Eve said...

Gorgeous photos! I'd love to go sking right about now!! I'll pass on the sick kid in the car part though, poor little guy! :(

Amanda said...

Great photos! Sorry you had to deal with a sick kid in the car. That's never any fun for anyone. Poor lil guy.

Danielle said...

WOW what a photos! Loved reading your post! I think I never saw that much snow in my life!

Lena said...

wow, look at all that snow! It looks like you all had a blast!