Friday, August 15, 2008


... the August issue of DAM. Yes that's right I actually won something ... YEAH (punching the air). Nancy was giving away a copy to commentors on her blog and I scored. She often has fantastic giveaways, this is the first time I've won. I'm looking forward to unzipping it and getting stuck into it when I have a bit of uninterupted time - not sure when that will be.

I also completed a layout! I used the template by ChrissyW for her blog challenge.

Credits here.

On the mummy front, anyone else have problems with little people raiding the cupboards? The Boy after a couple of months hiatus has come back with a burst and is taking stuff out of the pantry a couple of times a day. Yesterday he took the packet of sprinkles off the bench, hid them away in his room, then proceeded to cut the tops of the little packets. By the time I caught him the sprinkles were spread all over the floor. Let's just say feral mummy made an appearance, things haven't improved today ... patience ... patience.

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Rebecca said...

Congrats on winning and beautiful layout :)

Amanda said...

Congrats on winning the mag, and that layout is gorgeous!

Catherine said...

yeahh, congrats on your win! you are so goign to enjoy this issue! and beautiful page!

have a nice WE

Kelsey said...

Thats awesome! Congrats!