Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bits and Pieces

You know when you seem to have hundreds of thoughts flying around in your head - things to do, stories to tell, I'm feeling a bit like that this week. I'm trying to remember to breathe but there seems to be so many things I want to do, things I have to do, things I should do, I'm trying to find a little space that I can take to spend some time with God and get myself straight again. I really want to take some time to put into words some of my thoughts so I will definately be putting some time aside each day to do this but in the meantime I thought I'd just post some bits and pieces.

A friend and I started group for mum's who are interested in looking into Christianity or who want to go deeper in their walk and also to provide prayer support and encouragement. We're letting the discussions be led by the questions of the participants which should be quite challenging. The first question we are going to tackle is the reliability of the bible, so my small group leader from church handed me a pile of books to help - luckily with the most relevent on top. Hence I have some reading and preparation to do, but I've got a few weeks because holidays are coming up. I've also got my eye on a couple of books our pastor recommended for my own reading and I want to read the third book in the Darkwar series by Raymond Feist.

The Boy had his immunisations that he needed to start school which was traumatic - the doctor said he needed earmuffs, but I'm glad that's done and I don't need to think about it anymore.
Sunday I spent a fair bit of at the church. 9AM service was followed by a practice for the girls for a concert at Kids church in a couple of weeks, so we left there about 11:45. Went home, had lunch and managed to squeeze in a walk with the dog and My Little Girl. She doesn't demand attention like the other two and can often get overlooked. Her little face lit up when I suggested we go for a walk just us. It was really good and relaxing. On our way back her comment - "There's so much to talk about". I'll have to do that a bit more often with her. After the walk I headed back to church for a church forum, big changes planned for the services and of course being a baptist church we all get to have our say, LOL.

Today the girls had Book Week dressup day. My Little Girl had to dress as someone from another country so she wore the dress hubby brought back from China and My Big Girl had to dress as a sporstperson so she went as a gymnast, complete with gold medal of course. In scrapboking news nuts4digi store is still down after the server change so I haven't had any CT duties but I've been doing a few challenge layouts.

I posted previously about the World Wide Photowalk you can see photos taken from the participants here. It's interesting to see the different photos taken on the same walk and also to see the popular views recurring.

Some links:

If you're interested in photography Digital Photography School is a great resource. It's worth subscribing to the blog. They also have forums with challenges, tips, tutorials, there's heaps there and I haven't had a chance yet to have a good look through everything there.

This link was shared over at DST: CoffeeShop Photography has free actions for PS and PSE.

Diappointment and Grace a response to the whole Mike Guglielmucci mess but relating to the disappointment we all feel at our own and others brokeness.
Some food for thought:
Why is hell eternal? or "Will one white lie send someone to hell for eternity?"

That's all from me for now... keep dreaming.
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JanMary said...

Thanks for those photography links.

I would love to have gone on the photowalk here in Belfast, but I just could not manage to get to it. I hope there will be another one soon.

Sounds like you are very busy at church, with lots going on.

I pray your new group for those interested in Christianity goes well - what an exciting opportunity :)

Amanda said...

Wow! Lots of thoughts! The girls are too cute in their outfits! Thanks for the photography link ups.

Claudi said...

wow, what a wonderful idea, the new group! I wished I could be part of it and go the way deeper into christianity with you all!

I try to find the time each day to do some bible work, but I want to do more and spent more time with the lord!

I pray for you and your new group!

Bev said...

Thank you for the photography links

Donna said...

Wow Melissa your photos are outstanding! the work you put it is paying off big time :) Plus I loved having a good old look through your posts (it has been too long since I stopped by to read) always enlightening and enjoyable. Makes me think too which is always a good thing! Donna :)

Elouise82 said...

Your study group sounds so encouraging. I can't figure out if getting involved in Ladies Bible Study at our church will be more helpful or stressful, with the baby and all ...

Your comment about everyone getting their say in a Baptist church reminds me of that old joke: "How many Baptists does it take to change a light bulb?"

"Well, first you have to form a committee ..."

Kelsey said...

Awesome links thanks!