Thursday, July 3, 2008

There's Snow

The snow has arrived so we are heading up to Falls Creek tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be sunny with a light wind so we are going to leave early (5AM??) and try to get up there to ski in the afternoon. The kids are pretty excited and I must admit I am too. All the skis and gear is packed I just have to nip out to the supermarket to pick up some food because there's not much available up on the mountain and make some pumpkin soup to take with us.

I've been wanting to do Project 365 for a while now but it always seems like the major breaks in the year come round and I forget, so I've decided to start today. I know it's not even the start of the month but hey, I'll finish next year on July 2nd. I don't have the photo for today yet, I'll take it later this afternoon.

Cheers, I'll be back next week with some shots from the slopes.

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