Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm an Introvert

By this I mean that when I want to recharge I will usually find something to do by myself. Don't get me wrong - I love spending time with people, chatting, having people over, (Hubby can often be seen giving me the lets wind this up signals when we're out) but I also need time by myself otherwise I end up drained. Something I've started doing this year is disappearing off with my iPod for a walk or run after tea, it's a great stress relief, when I get back I feel like I can have a conversation again. Being at home suits me because I can set my own agenda and just potter around.

Hubby on the other hand is an extravert and an action man, he hates hanging around home. I'm often saying "can't you just amuse yourself?". He's generally understanding of me disappearing for a walk or into a book which is nice.

The funny thing is that my mum is an introvert and my dad an extravert. I remember each weekend dad would disappear off, usually with some or all of us kids and go visiting. He'd drop round to people's houses whereas mum would be doing her own thing at home. It's still the same, dad often pops round for a coffee and he usually does the phone calls too. Mum is still quite social, but likes some time by herself as well.

The thing is lately I've been thinking a lot about the connections between people. I have a growing passion to see the connections between people, in church and in my community go deeper and be stronger, which seems a strange kind of passion for an introvert. So, I'm starting, I'm inviting people over and I'm keeping some slack in my schedule so I've got time to have a chat ... it's fun.

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Margaret said...

I'm like this too, I love being around people but definitely need my alone time too!