Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend photos

I know I should have pruned the roses by now, but they started flowering and it's been nice to have some colour in the garden over winter. I really must do them this week though or we won't get a good flowering come spring. Yesterday we went down to Mum and Dad's house at Pt Lonsdale to do some gardening. We have a pleasant one and a half hour drive down, stop at a cafe in the main street for lunch, then when we're pulling into the driveway at the house, Hubby says "He doesn't have the key". At first I fuigure he's joking - I mean that's something I might do but no. Luckily the lawn mowing man has a key and we can get into the backyard to do what needs doing. So the pansies are planted and the fenceline cleaned up. Then the drive home, we stop at a BP for petrol and The Boy's crying he wants a drink of water so we get him a bottle. Then on the Geelong freeway he needs to use the toilet but not just wee so he hangs on and we stop at the Caltex near Werribee. Then we keep going and on the Westgate he says he needs the toilet again so I have to cross three lanes of traffic to get off for the Shell service station at the end. He goes, everythings cool, then in the tunnel he needs to go again. My patience was gone - "No more stops, you can wait till we get home" Memo to self: Do not let The Boy drink a bottle of water on long trips.
The girls are still on holiday today and I have heaps to catchup on after being away, the house looks like on bomb with all the ski gear waiting to be put away but I was hanging out the washing and it is just the most divine day so I think I'm going to put most of that on hold and get out with the girls. Computer is now off.

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