Sunday, July 13, 2008

Falls Creek '08 Part 2

Tuesday 8th July
Today it started really snowing. This is the view up through the buildings from our balcony. It was nice to see the bare patches filling up on the run home.
Wednesday 9th July
We were completely surprised to open the curtains in the morning to see blue sky. Today was one of the best days for skiing that we have had here in four years with fresh soft snow and blue skies.

They kept the snowmaking going during the day because it was still cold, despite the blue skies. This is My Big Girls Junior Workshop class waiting in a group in the middle of the slope. One of the kids in her class hurt his knee and had to be stretchered away. You can see them under the chairlift. That's not a call you'd want to get that one of your kids has been taken off by the medics.
The rest of the class joined another group then waited at the chairlift for their instructor. Here's Hubby at the top of Ruined Castle. This was the first day this part of the mountain opened for the season. There was plenty of carnage at the lift. I'm not sure whether it is standard but at Falls the lifts seem to get faster the harder the slopes. The lift at Runied has a carpet which you ski onto which moves you forward until the chair zooms round to pick you up. At one stage there was a bit of confusion with one chair and the lifty didn't see the guy behind fall over on the carpet so he didn't stop the lift and the chair spun round and smacked him on the head. I'm surprised he didn't get knocked out. Not long after a kid fell and managed to duck under the chair as it came around but they stopped the chair right on top ofd him and had to take his skis off to get him up. Then the lifty is telling the kid to step on the carpet from the side but didn't stop it. If you can imagine this poor kid trying to hop on a moving carpet from the side. It was mayhem. Thursday 10th July
Woke up this morning and the lifts were on wind hold so we got the kids out for some snow play. The wind hold only lasted for a short time so we got up for some skiing in the new snow. The kids had Race Day at ski school which is always fun. They get to use the junior race track with gates and everything. My Big Girl was very proud that she got the fastest time in her group. Little Girl said about Hayley, "Oh yeah, she was crazy, out of control, zooming down!"
Friday 11th July
Had about 50cm snow in the 24 hr period. Here's Hubby waiting with our luggage for the oversnow transport. He went to get the car while I took the kids up to snow school. The Boy went for the whole day while the girls just did a two hour lesson. We managed to get out for a ski on the brand new snow before ski school. It was fantastic, so soft and smooth, now I know why people always talk about skiing on new snow. Hubby wasn't so pleased, it took him an hour and a half to dig the car out of the snow, then there were no parks in the day car park so he disappeared off to Mt Beauty for some lunch then came back in the afternoon to pick us up. After the girls lesson they insisted we go down Fox Trail which is the junior terrain park through the trees. Great fun for them but a bit harder for me. By the afternoon the snow had been pushed up into lots of lumps and bumps.

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