Monday, July 21, 2008

Manic Morning

Any other mum's out there that have threatened to get a rubbish truck to come and clean out the kids rooms? This morning was one of those mornings. The kids wouldn't get dressed, couldn't find clothes etc, etc. The Boy ended up going off in pyjamas, ski boots, beanie and jacket. My Little Girl couldn't find her tracksuit pants that I put on her bed last night, they were found kicked in under her bed. My Big Girl had no tights but the washing basket is completely empty so I'm guessing clean tights are somewhere in the pile of things "put away" under and behind her bed. Tears were shed for her ill fitting socks and cold legs...lesson learnt?...probably not. Anyway the girls are at school now (only a few minutes late), the groceries are bought and packed away and The Boy is watching some TV while I recover.

Anyway I finished a layout this morning, I just had a couple things to add after nearly finishing it last night. Snowman is for the {writer's notebook} recipes. The journalling was to be written in the style of a recipe.
Journalling: Form up a good sized mound of snow Place a round snowball on top. Collect one old carrot, 2 gumnuts and a couple of twigs. Place them to make nose, eyes and arms and you have your own friendly snowman.

Paper block Templates by Emily Merrett @ WAS
Buttons - Two Sisters Scrapstash Buttons @ WAS
Stitching - Two Sisters Scrapstash Tiny stitches @ WAS
Pink string - Whales and Snails by Emily powers @ WAS
Patterned Papers and Knotty Ribbon - Candied Apple by Kate Hadfield and Emily Merritt @ WAS
BG Paper - Celebrating Colour (White)by GinaMarie @ WWD
Bold Graph paper by Gina Miller @ GMD
Alpha - Plain Old Epoxy alpha by Christina Renee blog freebie
Doodle frame - A Beautiful Mess by Lisa Whitney @ SA


Paulana said...

oh yes I know these mornings lol
Great Lo btw, love how we worked with the papers

Jacinda said...

Wow, I love your layout! Your design and element selection are awesome. We have plans to take our kids to the snow next month (Mt Ruapehu), but only for a day or two. Last time we were there the little one touched it, found it to be cold, and decided she would rather sit in the pram for the rest of the visit LOL. Our 4 year old however is very excited about snow. She's only been in it the once. I'm sorry to hear about your friends moving church. Hopefully you'll all be able to stay close anyway.