Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Reading

We get the HeraldSun delivered everyday and on Sundays I always make sure I read two things. StylePolice, I know it's completely shallow but the comments are pretty funny, and the Faithworks column. Bryan Patterson often has something interesting to say. Today he talked about how Jesus welcomes messy people (lucky for me).

American Christian leader Mike Yaconelli, a generous and funny man who died a couple of years ago, was a champion of messy Christianity, which he described
as the refusal to pretend, to lie, or to allow others to believe we are something we are not. Happy to come clean about his failings, he proclaimed that it was OK to be imperfect. He even hung out with a group of Harley-riding, cigar smoking “uncouth” Christians who called themselves the Notorious Sinners.

Yaconelli said Christianity had a tradition of messy spirituality, with messy prophets, messy kings, messy disciples and messy apostles. “From God’s people getting in one mess after another in the Old Testament to most of the New Testament’s being written to straighten out messes in the church, the Bible presents a glorious story of a very messy faith,” he wrote.

“Spirituality is anything but a straight line; it is a mixed-up, topsy-turvy, helter-skelter godliness that turns our lives into an upside-down toboggan ride full of unexpected turns, surprise bumps and bone-shattering

“In other words, messy spirituality is the delirious consequence of a life ruined by a Jesus who will love us right into his arms.

“Jesus is not repelled by us, no matter how messy we are, regardless of how incomplete we are.

“When we recognise that Jesus is not discouraged by our humanity, is not turned off by our messiness and simply doggedly pursues us in the face of it all, what else can we do but give in to his outrageous, indiscriminate love?”

Jesus takes our mess and makes it clean.

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Interesting perspective! Thanks for sharing this!