Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Story (in 100 words)

Earlier this year at church the pastor put out a challenge to write our faith story in about 100 words with no jargon, so I've been pulling it out periodically since then crossing out stuff, rewriting, it's not that easy to get it down to 100 words. Anyway I finally finished (just over 100 words) and here it is:

For me life was all about family, friends, study and having a good time. While at uni I met my future husband who admitted one day that church was important to him. I decided to check it out. I was expecting lots of boring people following a lot of rules, but visiting church and small group really turned my preconceived ideas upside down. These were people not unlike me. They were enjoying themselves, they weren’t following a bunch of rules, they talked about being loved by God and in turn loving God and about Jesus who made it possible. I decided to follow Jesus myself. Now I feel secure because I know God holds my life in His hands and He is faithful.

Questions, comments? - Feel free.

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Donna said...

Only 100 Words - yet it can say so much! Lovely words you have written Melissa. Thanks for sharing them :)