Thursday, June 5, 2008

God's grabbed my attention

I've been following Jesus now for 16 years and I can't believe it's been that long. Like most people there has been ebb and flow in my walk. My faith has been alive and never reduced to just a duty but over the last months I feel like God has grabbed me up and got me listening. I have rediscovered my hunger for God and the things of God. The yearning to know more, to have a heart for the things of God, to do the things that God wants me to do. To fight against the weeds that try to choke off God and make life just one huge to do list. God is there at the top of my thoughts, in my heart and in my dreams, and it's exciting.

When I look back a bit I see how has moved things to give me the space to think about Him, to know him again. It's not just more time because we've just moved house which was quite busy, although the kids are at school or kinder so I have a bit more breathing room. I think though the space was mainly created in my head. God has been readjusting my thinking it two areas in particular which I'll flesh out in another post. By making room in my head he's been able to get my attention and keep it.

So now that there was some room, the challenge came. At church earlier this year we studied Walk Across the Room and one thing stuck in my mind - that Jesus is the greatest gift. I felt God saying to me "Do you really agree with this, because it doesn't look that way from here." After a bit of wrestling I decided that yes I really did believe Jesus was the greatest gift but I also realised how far I was away from living that truth. God's really taking this time to teach me more about Him and also about myself. Hope you don't mind if I blog to work through the things I'm learning. Getting the thoughts down will hopefully cement what is in my mind, flesh out the detail and stop the swirling thoughts going round and round.

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Margaret said...

It's wonderful that God grabbed your attention like that! I look forward to reading more about your walk!