Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What's your favourite layout?

For the blog prompt today I want everyone to show their favourite layout - one of your own layouts, tell us what you like about.

I actually found this really hard to pick because different pages tend to have different strong points - some have a striking design, some good photography, others have interesting journalling or a clever title. I finally went with "Hayley in You Own Words" and the bonus is that I haven't put it up on my blog yet.

I like painting outside, jumping on the ball on the trampoline and being mum in “mums and dads”. My best friends are Nicola, Anna, Simone and Marnie. My favourite food is tacos, nachos and pasta. One thing I wouldn’t like about being an adult is driving the car because if you break the rules the police will put you in gaol.

Credits - Bg paper timeless by Debbie McKenzie @ nuts4digi
Yellow and red papers - Weeds and Wildflowers celebrating Color @scrapartist
Blue papers - Candy Giggles by Eva Recinella @ sweetshoppe
Edge overlay (recoloured) - Worn Flannie by 2Chicks @ nuts4digi
Pin and stitching - In Vogue scrapartist 2nd birthday freebie
Jeans label - Going West by Weeds and Wildflowers @weeds and wildflowers
Atomic Cupcake sparkle action

Font - Beautiful, Bookman Antiqua

It is actually a lifts with a twist page I did. I love this photo of Hayley, I love that I've managed to record some of Hayley's own thoughts (I did an interview) and I like the colours too. I look forward to seeing everyone else's favourite layouts.

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