Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Special Holidays and Traditions

The DID blog prompt for 14th Aug is "This wednesday we have a public holiday for our local show called the Ekka. So that has made me think ....... What holidays do you enjoy and love to celebrate in your country/family? What makes that day special to you? Do you have any special traditions that are associated with your favourite holiday? How would you feel if your special holiday was suddenly taken away from you?".

On New Year's Day our family gets together with an old family friend. He is German and makes a full German lunch which is absolutely delicious. Mum makes a plum pudding. We alternate at each others holiday house. So in the years that it's at their house we catch a ferry across the bay to Sorrento. I love this dinner and look forward to it. He makes these potato dumplings that are so yum and it's the only time we ever have them. If there's leftovers I try to snag them to have cold on toast the next day. After we've all stuffed ourselves full of good food we all them move onto schnapps shots. Our friend insists that it eats the fats - LOL. I think most traditions for our fammily revolve around food.


Anonymous said...

A lot of family gatherings revolve around food don't they? We get together for BBQ's a lot with family :) - Cherie.

Joy said...

I agree, whatever holidays have great traditional food involved are my favorites!