Friday, August 10, 2007

My Childhood Friend

I am going to try to follow the blog prompts at designs in digitals but I'm already behind - LOL.
Yesterday's was "Your closest childhood friend - what was she like?"

I became friends with Helen when I was in Primary school. She was the youngest of 4 girls and had sisters already in high school so she knew about a lot more than me. She lived at the top of our court and we used to spend most afternoons at one or the others house. We made cubbies, talked, laughed, listened to her big sisters music. I went to Lake Eildon one time with her parents, we stayed on a house boat. I remember jumping in for a swim and being worried about what was under the water beacause we were swimming around all the dead trees. Then we took our towels to the shore and layed them out on the grass and the got covered in bindies and we got bitten by march flies. In year 4 I moved schools and because of that she said I was a snob. I tried to keep the friendship but she always seemed to be playing with her new friends. I was very lonely.

When we were both at uni we met one day on the train. I told her I wasn't a snob and she agreed but that was just the way things were back then. The funny thing is we still really got on well together and started going out clubbing and had a ball. I haven't seen her now for over 12 years beacuse we both moved out of home.


Joy said...

Great memories! It seems to be common for most childhood friends to part ways in some manner. Thanks for sharing!

Leenie said...

Oh great memories Melissa! Thanks for sharing!

heather said...

It's great you met her again later and got over the first split.

Flora said...

great childhood memories...tfs.