Monday, August 6, 2007

Mt Buller

We took the family skiing at Mt Buller for the first time on the weekend. The weather was cold and snowy and the visibilty was terrible, but it was good to have nice fresh, soft snow. It was quite hard up the top because you need to traverse across the top and we didn't know the mountain and were hoping we were heading in the right direction. We didn't want to get lost when we were due to pick the kids up from ski school. Bourke St is quite choatic. Geoff thinks it should be classified a black run because of all the "obstacles". This is photo looking down to the bottom of Bourke St. Hayley skied with Geoff and I on Friday afternoon and Saturday then did a day at ski school. On Sunday afternoon a lot of kids went home from ski school early so it was just Hayley and one other girl left in the afternoon in brown cockies. She started learning to pole plant which she hadn't done before and they also had a go on the rails at the terrain park. Hayley wasn't too sure about that. I managed to catch some photos of her coming back to ski school.

Ethan did really well. His instructor described him as a "real goer". He got out onto Bourke St and rode up on the chairlift but he needs to be lifted onto the lift because he's too short.

Sara kept improving and will be a green possum when we go back.


doloro said...

Wow the kids look like naturals! So lucky to go skiing again - I am happy to make it down Wombat's Rambles once in one piece - then head straight to the cafe! LOL

Anonymous said...

WOW! Love the pics! Everyone looks like they had a great day skiing : ) ~ Jo