Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Impacted by the internet?

the DID blog prompt for Wed was is "Tell us how the internet impacts on or has changed your life. This can be either the positives, the negatives or both. Reflect on things like friendships, relationships, disagreements, how in keeps you in touch with family and friends, things you have learnt etc ....'

I use the internet everyday. I get to read the opinions and ideas and converse with people I would never have met in real life. I share my passion for digiscrapping and get to view fabulous creations by people all over the world. I pay my bills and do my banking so I no longer have to spend time listening to the computerised voices over the phone. When I want DH to pick up milk on his way home I just Skype him instead of having to go through the receptionist.

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Joy said...

Now it seems the world is very small - especially with friend on the opposite side of the world!