Monday, August 20, 2007

Good, Bad and Curious

For the blog prompt today I thought we'd play a little game that we sometimes play with the kids called Good, Bad and Curious. What I want you to do is select something that is in the room you are in at the moment list the good, bad and curious things about that object.

I have a TV next to me:

Catch up on the news
Learn about new things, people and places
We can watch our family videos and photos
It keeps the kids quiet

Don't talk to people as much
Reduced exercise
False information
The kids may see things that we don't want them to see
Uses electricty which costs money and causes pollution

How can we tell if something on TV is real or pretend?
How do they decide which programs to show?
Why does my head get fuzzy when I watch too much TV?
Why are the ads after midnight all for sleezy phone lines and dodgy home shopping?

1 comment:

Joy said...

Great blog prompt! It's funny how many things have their good and bad points!