Friday, August 10, 2007

An extra $100 a week?

the DID blog prompt for today is "What would you do with an extra $100 dollars a week?"

At the moment I'm obssessed with going skiing but $100 would only get me one days lift ticket - and a couple of hot chocolates. Although if we take it as US$100 I could stretch it a bit further but if I go with the skiing idea I'd have to leave DH and the kids home (hmm - that's a plan). Of course it would be good in our mortgage or renovation fund but that's pretty boring (and probably what I would do) For the sake of this exercise I'll go with some fun and/or frivolous things:

  • Scrapping products that I just love but would probably only use once.
  • I could put a couple weeks together and get some new lens
  • Tripod
  • Photography course
  • New sheets (OK not frivolous but I just remembered we need some because the ones we've got have worn through in the middle)
  • Cleaner and ironing lady (hehe)
  • Books - love books but then I'd need some new bookshelves and a bigger house.
  • Blowdry at the hairdresser

Well I think that's enough from me.


Mousey said...

ooohhh an ironing lady!! I need to get me one of those! ROFL

Joy said...

Oh now, I reallys hould have thought of that - I would so love to have a cleaning lady once a week, too!!! Love your list!

Leisa said...

Yes the cleaning and the ironing lady. Oh that's money well spent

Leenie said...

Oh yeah, why didn't I think of that... I would definitely do that, get a cleaning/ironing lady!

Flora said...

great to have a cleaning lady too:)