Sunday, August 19, 2007

DID Blog Prompt Catch-ups

Ok so I've fallen a bit behind in the DID blog prompts so here goes ...

Thurs Aug 16th "What is your very first memory? How old were you and what happened?"

One of my earliest memories was at kinder and I remember we has a tortiose. I also remember playing at home in the dirt near the cubby digging it up with Tonka trucks.

Fri Aug 17th "If you have had a pet - which was your favourite? If you haven't had a pet and could have ANY pet (real or imaginary) what would you have?"

At the moment we have a golden retriever called Harry and he is the most gorgeous dog. Even when the kids climb all over him he just shakes them off and walks away when it gets too much. He never barks either, I think he barked once just after his voice had changed and scared himself and he's never barked since. When I was young we had a beagle that used to wander the neighbourhood. She would sometimes come up to our school and pinch the girls lunches. We always pretended we didn't know her.

Sat Aug 18th "You need a holiday - where will you go and why? What will you do if money and time were no issue? Would you go alone?"

I would definately go on a holiday with DH. It would be hard to choose just one place because there is so much of the world I would love to see. I would probably pick first to go to Europe and visit in a leisurely manner. Staying in villas and pottering around. I love visiting all sorts of places seeing, art, historical places and also scenery and just experiencing the food and culture.


heather said...

That holiday sounds just like the one I was going to write about! Sounds perfect! lol

Flora said...

oooh great answer...sounds like a great vacation...tfs

Joy said...

Wonderful answers!