Monday, August 13, 2007

2 Things I Can't Live Without and a Layout

The blog prompt at DID for 11th August was "What are 2 everyday items you can't live without?" (I know I'm behind again).

This is a hard one - I'd have to say I need my computer. Although I could live without it life just wouldn't be as fun and my car. I know that's not very PC with global warming and everything but we don't live in walking distance to school or any of the kids activities and I can't imagine how much more difficult my life would be if I had to bundle three young kids on public transport every day, not to mention the shopping, extracurricular activities etc.

I also have a layout I want to share. Credits here.


Leisa said...

What a great photo!

heather said...

Of course! The car! I can't imagine having to use public transport - eek! Then again, with no car i could just stay home every day..hmmmm.. could be OK! Beautiful layout, what a wonderful shot!!

Flora said...

fortunately everything is in walking distance for me but yes i have to agree the car is very important with three girls:)

Joy said...

Fantastic - I agree with you on this! I could NEVER live without my car or computer, either!