Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mac or PC?

Now to the big question asked over at the digishoppe "Hot off the Press" thread - Mac or PC? As I sit here I'm typing at my PC, I've always had a PC at home and never considered anything else. At uni we used Mac in the chemistry lab but they were tiny clunky boxes back in the '90's. Anyway, DD comes home about a month ago says maybe our next computer we should get a Mac. I'm like "What do you mean", and he's like "they look cool". I must admit they look pretty good. One thing is that we need to still be able to log in to Geoff's work which is all PC based. That's a question for our "Computer guy". I'm sure there must be a few diehard fans of PC or Mac out there so give me your opinions. At least we have a few years before we will need to upgrade.

Which leads me to whole new topic - renovations (which we have started getting plans drawn up for) and why men feel the most important design question will be where the HUGE flatscreen TV will go. The first thing DD looks for in the plans is where the TV goes then if that's to his satisfaction he's like OK what else have we got here. Yes he's obsessed with "toys". One bonus is I can hold him off on any upgrades until after the renovation - LOL.

And lastly I have been scrapping this week - I'd lost my MOJO but I've been getting back into it. Here's my Hodge Podge challenge for this week:
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Quirky Kristen said...

Girl I sooo love the layout you did!! Love the flowers and the color scheme rocks! And I like you just don't know what to get when I have to upgrade...I keep hearing that macs are better for graphics and well... I do a ton with graphics so maybe...But gotta get the funds first :)