Sunday, July 29, 2007

CT Kit: Caroline B.'s Baby Blue

Wow, I had the busiest day today. Our seniour associate pastor at church finished up today to pastor another church so we had a delayed combined morning service which of course went over time. Sara and I then had a mother/daughter lunch which started at the same time as they finished the church service. So we were a bit late then we had to leave there a little bit early to go to my neice's birthday party - arriving 40 mins late. I really hate being late so it was one crazy day.

Caroline B.'s Baby Blue kit is my most recent CT kit. This kit has the most dreamy papers and the cute fluffy alpha is gorgeous. Caroline's kits always offer some really original designs and even though this kit is called Baby Blue - if you love the colour blue (like me) I'm sure you'll use it for more than just gorgeous baby boys. Kit preview is below followed by my layouts.

Love this photo of Ethan. Journalling: Ethan stopped having daytime sleeps not long after he turned two. With kinder and school pickups it was also very hard to fit them in anyway. We tried to get him in bed early but he still got very tired. He was constantly falling asleep in the car or on the floor. This day he put his pyjamas on and flaked out on his couch exhausted. 14.11.2006

This next layout was for the sketch challenge at nuts4digi. The sketch is from On Nancy Comelab's blog she challenged people to write down their dreams or goals and scrap them and this is what I came up with. My goals:

  1. Learn to ski black runs
  2. Go back to competition tennis
  3. Swim in the Rip View Classic
  4. Renovate our house
  5. Travel as a family
  6. Get published in a magazine
  7. Volunteer - other than at school or kinder

It's actually good to have them written down. I hope to scrap each dream as I achieve it - so stay tuned.

The final layout is one I did of Ethan when he was a baby. I've been getting my old negatives put onto CD's by our local photo lab so I've finally got some baby photos to scrap.


Mousey said...

Awesome LO's Mel!!

BrigittevT said...

That is a beautiful kit !! I am a mother of 2 girls, so no experience in little baby boy scrapping ;-) Although, on my blog I have a photo of my husband as a baby ! I love your LO's, especially the one with all the 'wave' shapes, great job !

Monique said...

Beautiful layouts, I love Caroline's Baby series, they are so pretty and soft. Have a great day!

Heather said...

AW! Your layouts made me say, "oh my gosh, how pretty!" I love love love the ones with your son.

Can't wait til I can do mother/daughter special things like that with my girls. I mean, we already do special things, but things like mother/daughter lunches, etc.

michellewaite1 said...

I love your layouts. You really highlighted the kit.

heather said...

Your layouts are fantastic Melissa!!