Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Featured Layout on The Hub

My layout Outside Our Window got picked as the Featured layout on the scrapartist blog. It was a layout I did for Yvonne's "Outside My Window" challenge at nuts4digi.com.

Journalling: Last year we relandscaped our backyard. The brief - easy to maintain and plenty of room for the kids to play. Outside our window is a beautiful neat yard with plenty of lawn for the kids to run and play on, paved paths to ride bikes, a trampoline, a deck with a built in sandpit leading to their cubby and playroom containing dolls, lego and trains and a fish pond. Now the kids can play and we don’t have to spend all weekend gardening.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

CT Kit: Caroline B.'s Baby Blue

Wow, I had the busiest day today. Our seniour associate pastor at church finished up today to pastor another church so we had a delayed combined morning service which of course went over time. Sara and I then had a mother/daughter lunch which started at the same time as they finished the church service. So we were a bit late then we had to leave there a little bit early to go to my neice's birthday party - arriving 40 mins late. I really hate being late so it was one crazy day.

Caroline B.'s Baby Blue kit is my most recent CT kit. This kit has the most dreamy papers and the cute fluffy alpha is gorgeous. Caroline's kits always offer some really original designs and even though this kit is called Baby Blue - if you love the colour blue (like me) I'm sure you'll use it for more than just gorgeous baby boys. Kit preview is below followed by my layouts.

Love this photo of Ethan. Journalling: Ethan stopped having daytime sleeps not long after he turned two. With kinder and school pickups it was also very hard to fit them in anyway. We tried to get him in bed early but he still got very tired. He was constantly falling asleep in the car or on the floor. This day he put his pyjamas on and flaked out on his couch exhausted. 14.11.2006

This next layout was for the sketch challenge at nuts4digi. The sketch is from pencillines.com. On Nancy Comelab's blog she challenged people to write down their dreams or goals and scrap them and this is what I came up with. My goals:

  1. Learn to ski black runs
  2. Go back to competition tennis
  3. Swim in the Rip View Classic
  4. Renovate our house
  5. Travel as a family
  6. Get published in a magazine
  7. Volunteer - other than at school or kinder

It's actually good to have them written down. I hope to scrap each dream as I achieve it - so stay tuned.

The final layout is one I did of Ethan when he was a baby. I've been getting my old negatives put onto CD's by our local photo lab so I've finally got some baby photos to scrap.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mac or PC?

Now to the big question asked over at the digishoppe "Hot off the Press" thread - Mac or PC? As I sit here I'm typing at my PC, I've always had a PC at home and never considered anything else. At uni we used Mac in the chemistry lab but they were tiny clunky boxes back in the '90's. Anyway, DD comes home about a month ago says maybe our next computer we should get a Mac. I'm like "What do you mean", and he's like "they look cool". I must admit they look pretty good. One thing is that we need to still be able to log in to Geoff's work which is all PC based. That's a question for our "Computer guy". I'm sure there must be a few diehard fans of PC or Mac out there so give me your opinions. At least we have a few years before we will need to upgrade.

Which leads me to whole new topic - renovations (which we have started getting plans drawn up for) and why men feel the most important design question will be where the HUGE flatscreen TV will go. The first thing DD looks for in the plans is where the TV goes then if that's to his satisfaction he's like OK what else have we got here. Yes he's obsessed with "toys". One bonus is I can hold him off on any upgrades until after the renovation - LOL.

And lastly I have been scrapping this week - I'd lost my MOJO but I've been getting back into it. Here's my Hodge Podge challenge for this week:
Credits here

Thursday, July 19, 2007

CT kits: lauraskathi

I used two of lauraskathi's kits this month - All About Paper and Stitches commercial use. The first kit contains several textured backgrounds ready to be coloured for your own use along with crumpled papers, tape and cardboard. The stitches have nine different stitch styles, great if you want to move away from the more common stitches and also really easy to recolour. I tried to use the kits in different styles to show their versatility. Here are my layouts:

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I got picked for LOTD at nuts4digi.com for my layout Crazy. I have had heaps of comments about the cute felt flowers. They are by Lena Brandenburg at A Cherry on Top.Credits here

We had some wild weather today. We were just about to get out of the car at school this afternoon and it started to hail. Luckily we were a bit early so we could wait until it stopped. By the time we got back to the car with girls Ethan was crying because he's hands were so cold. Poor kid, I put them all in a warm bath when we got home.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Toot: LOTW Tracy Ann Designs

Wow, I can't believe it. Each week the Tracy's team cruise the galleries checking out layouts using Tracy's products and this week they picked mine and I win a GC. Read about it here, and here's the layout.

Credits - TracyAnn Project26 kit @ SBBTracyAnn Folded notes @ SBB; Worn Flannie by 2Chicks @ nuts4digi; Grungy, Springy Easter Thingys by 2Chicks @ nuts4digi; Font - Century GothicFilmstrip - unknown

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Been to the snow

We've just come back from a week at Falls Creek skiing. Going up we got stuck on the road about 6km from Falls Creek because power lines dropped on the road in front and behind our car. We had to wait for 2 hrs. Luckily we had the portable DVD player to keep the kids entertained and Geoff had bought the paper, because we weren't supposed to leave the car. When we finally made it up the oversnow transport was chaos because everyone arrived at the same time. We'd planned to ski that afternoon but it was 5:00pm before we even got our lift tickets. We stayed at Huski apartments which were good. I could go down to the cafe each morning and get my latte whcih was nice. This is the view from our balcony taken on the one sunny afternoon we had.

After a bit of a shaky start our holiday was great - wild weather but that made for some great snow. We only lost one half day because the lifts went on wind hold. We had a blizzard one day and got 30cm over the day. Visibilty was pretty bad a lot of the time but I managed to only have one stack where I didn't see the slope drop away and ended up with one ski up and one ski down but no injuries and we had a lot of fun. We even went off into the powder in a couple of our lessons which was a different experience because the last few seasons the snow has been pretty thin on the ground. The kids had a ball. Hayley actually got a little bit cold this time - she usually complains that I put too many clothes on her. She was really happy by the end of the week she could parrallel all the way down Main Street (a blue run) which means she'll move up a level next time.

Sara had forgotten how to ski so she started in the first lebel again but progressed pretty quickly. She didn't do blue runs this year in her lessons but the last part of our home trail is a blue run and she came down with me. I was a bit nervous taking her the first time but she had no problems and just snowplowed straight down - my knees were feeling the strain from having to go so slow all the way down.

Ethan was very keen to ski but I think he preferred rolling around in the snow. Every time I saw him he would be falling over or putting his head down in the snow. He spent a couple of days in the ski school area then moved out to the beginners slope. He can stop and turn and ride the magic carpet lift but I think he found it a bit tough going in all the thick snow. He doesn't have enough weight behind him to push through it. I saw him quite often skiing and he'd come down off the lift, kick off his skis and walk off leaving them for the instrustor to collect. By the end of the week they finally got him carrying his own skis.