Monday, June 18, 2007

Double rainbow

Check out this double rainbow that we saw today. We were driving home from school and I'm like kids look at the rainbow then we saw there were two. They were pretty spectacular (the photos don't really do it justice, you can only see the second rainbow very faintly above the main one) People driving by probably wondered what on earth I was doing getting out of the car and taking photos. I'm disappointed I only had my point and shoot with me.
... and a photo of the mini river flowing down our driveway the other night. We get a little dam build up in front of the garage and the next morning all the mud and leaves from the street is piled up. I've got to remember to ring council again and get the to unblock the drain before we get any more rain.


Biancka said...

That rainbow is awesome :) Great photos !!

Hmmm, that mini river in front of your house isnt that great. Hope the problem causing it will be fixed soon :)



ymA said...

Wow, what an awesome photo. It's a good thing you had the camera with you. I've had times where I didn't bring my camera and had awesome shots. Thanks for sharing!

cindy_i_ said...

Your photos of the rainbows are lovely - but I knwo what you mean about photos never doing rainbows justice. I have taken a few of my own - and real life nature is always more spectacular!