Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Verena Karolyi's Happy Carneval

My latest CT kit was Verena Karolyi's Happy Carneval available here. It was a great kit to work with and I've got a few more layouts in mind that it might come in handy. The clowns are so cute and would be great for invitations and cards. The thing is there's heaps of papers in the kit in colours that are very versatile so I think I'll be getting a fair bit of use out of it. This is the preview and keep scrolling to see the layouts I made with this kit.

AC Baths:
Geoff and I took Hayley and Maddy to the AC Baths at Taupo. There was a huge pool with both indoor and outdoor areas all thermally heated. Hayley had a try on the Inflatable Obstacle Course but wasn’t tall enough to get over the second obstacle. Both girls had a great time on the tarzan rope but the waterslides were a bit daunting.
Credits - Verena Karolyi Happy Carneval
Fonts - Blueberry, Impact, Century Gothic.

Bring on the Clowns:
Imagine my surprise when I came out into the family room to find Sara and Ethan had got into my lipstick and decided to do a makeover. My good lipstick didn’t survive the experience.
Credits - Happy Carneval by Verena Karolyi
Fonts - Gilligan's Island, John Handy, Pea Amy

Royal Melbourne Show:
Geoff was away when the show was on and I wasn’t keen on taking the kids by myself, but luckily Janine’s work has Show Day as a holiday and she was happy to come with us. By the time we got there and had a look at the animals it was time for an early lunch. The kids picked fish and chips and saw a little bit of the Dorothy the Dinosaur show. After lunch we went to the arena for the lunchtime entertainment which was unfortunately running 30mins late. Everyone had picked which showbag they wanted so I went by myself to the showbag hall and got the showbags and brought them back. Checking out their goodies filled in some time and they got stuck into the Cadbury bag. The entertainment was fabulous. First was an aerial act that worked from the end of a huge crane with no safety net. Next were motorcross stunt riders doing somersaults and twists in the air between two ramps, Hayley was very impressed. Last was the monster truck, revving around the arena and jumping onto a row of cars. Ethan was enthralled and talked about them for months after. When the trucks were finished we headed off for 2 rides and a game for each child. Sara and Hayley chose the giant slide, while Ethan had a ride in the cars. They all had a go together on the cup and saucer ride. Ethan was all tuckered out and fell asleep in the pram while Hayley searched for her Scavenger Hunt items. A trip to the craft pavillion and a bag of fairy floss and the day was almost over. Everyone including the adults had a great time and we all got home safe and sound.

Credits - Happy Carneval byVerena Karolyi @ nuts4digi
Sketch by Becky Higgins
Font - Century Gothic

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I took some of my old APS negatives down to the local Kodak shop to get them put on CDs about a week ago. The photos turned out really well. They're high resolution 3592X2049 and look much better than when I scanned the actual prints. I am so pleased with how they turned out and will definately be getting the rest of my photos done. I'll just have to take baby steps though - our bank balance and hard drive will not stand up to the pressure otherwise - LOL. I did get a discount because I told the lady I had heaps and would be wanting them all done eventually. She has another customer who brings about 3 films in every week and has been doing that for about 6 months now. So here's a blast from the past:

Monday, June 18, 2007

Double rainbow

Check out this double rainbow that we saw today. We were driving home from school and I'm like kids look at the rainbow then we saw there were two. They were pretty spectacular (the photos don't really do it justice, you can only see the second rainbow very faintly above the main one) People driving by probably wondered what on earth I was doing getting out of the car and taking photos. I'm disappointed I only had my point and shoot with me.
... and a photo of the mini river flowing down our driveway the other night. We get a little dam build up in front of the garage and the next morning all the mud and leaves from the street is piled up. I've got to remember to ring council again and get the to unblock the drain before we get any more rain.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

CT kit - Chinese New Year

I have just finished working with Carolyn B.'s kit Chinese New Year available at I have heaps of photos from a trip to China so I've had my eye out for something to use to scrap them that had a Chinese flavour. Carolyn's kit is great and so original. I had a lot of fun with it. Check out the preview (click and you can go to the shop), then keep scrolling and check out the layouts below that I did with it.

Let it Rain

We have been in really bad drought here and it's finally started to rain again. I think the kids have forgotten what it's like to have rain for days in a row. Here's a photo of Ethan checking out the rain.
We have actually had a river flowing through our garden three times in the last month. I need to ring the council AGAIN to get the drain at the front of our place cleaned out. It's funny how when our plants irises were hanging 1cm over the footpath they can send us a letter to cut them but they can't come round to clean out a drain that's causing flooding over the road and into our property.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New layout and Traci Reed's CT call

This is a layout from our trip to New Zealand last year. I usually only post layouts that I do for my CT or challenges around the online galleries so I haven't posted this anywhere else. I'm going to apply for Traci Reed's CT team and this uses one of her templates so I figured I'd post it here so she can have a look. I love using double paged templates for my albums because it just brings them together really fast. Traci has a packs of really good double and single templates. ?I also have her laundry tags which I haven't got round to using on a layout yet but they are so cute! Anyway, enough rambling here's the layout.

Journalling: We visited Whakarewarewa thermal village at Rotorua in the afternoon. A villager mets us at the entrance and took us on a tour of the village explaining the traditional way of life. The village was settled to take advantage of the natural heating and cooking provided by thermal activity just below the surface. We saw the hangi meals cooking in natural steam vents and tried some corn cooked in the boiling mineral waters. Water overflowing from the cooking pool is drained into the communal baths further down the slope. By 5pm each day the water has cooled to a comfortable temparature and the villagers gather to bathe. We visited the Pohutu and Prince of Feathers geysers then finshed our tour at the Meeting house or Wahiao.

Credits: Template - Traci Reed Double Trouble Pack 1
Papers - Mdesigns ES carousel cutie challenge freebie, NRJ scrapartist fresh kit, Meredith Fenwick So Lovely, Jomi scrapartist In Vogue 2nd birthday freebie.
Stitching - Weeds and wildflowers celebrating colour @
Postage date stamps by Amber Clegg @
Flower - Weeds and wildflowers celebrating colour blog freebie.
Bracket - TracyAnn Project 26 @