Tuesday, May 8, 2007

52 Scrapbooking Challenges #6-10

I posted previously about the 52 scrapbooking challenges at designsindigital.com and I've now finished the next five so here they are:

Challenge #6 Create a Ribbon ClusterRibbons are beautiful accents on a page - no matter what! Challenge yourself this week to create an accent with a cluster of ribbons! Just take two, three, four or more ribbons and cluster them together in the same area on your page.

Credits: Credits - Josiah by Fiona Renwick available at http://tinyurl.com/2ccfeh

Challenge #7 Its easy to capture photographs of family and events. But for this challenge, we want you to look through the lens of your camera as a photo enthusiast. Take a closer look at things in your life that otherwise walk on by. Look for beauty in unexpected places, inside and outside of your home.

Credits: Credits - Lisa Whitney Artsy Fartsy papers available at Scrapartist.com.Grunge Me brushes by Robyn Gough available at clickchics.com.Fonts - Adobe Caslon, JI Gabled

Challenge #8 I love creating one photo layouts, but sometimes I have more than one photograph to feature on a page. I like to take four (or more) photographs and cluster them together in a group. This makes them appear almost as one large focal point but allows me to display more images at one time.

Credits: Debbie McKenzie BoyZone kit available at http://tinyurl.com/ywqjga Fonts - Arial, Earwig Factory, Palatino Linotype, Misfit

Challenge #9 Doodle on Photographs Dont be afraid to express yourself by doodling right on your photos! Try using some fonts or doodles in an open area of the photograph!
Credits: Credits - A beautiful Mess by Lisa Whitney available at scrapartist.com.Font - Pea Amy

Here is challenge 10 - Its actually a QUIZ!!! Here are the questions for the quiz, so why not scrap them on a layout! What's Your Perfect Scrapbooking Retreat?

Credits: Credits - paper and button by Eve Recinella Candy Giggles @ sweetshoppe.comFlowers by A clegg scrapartist Fresh @ scrapartist.com,Woodboards overlay by Robyn Gough Grunge overlays @ designsindigital.com,Lace by Debbie McKenzie 2Chicks Hearts and Flowers available @ nuts4digi.comEiffel tower brush my own.Font - Pea Amy


Leslie said...

What fun pages, challenges are so much fun!

DragonflyScrapper said...

Great layouts, I just love the pool one.

Angela said...

Beautiful layouts! The pool one is too awesome!!