Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our trip to Noosa

Just got back from a trip to Noosa. We drove - a 2000km round trip. This is our stop in Narrandera. The lovely lady at our motel in Tocumwal had given us some chocolate cake for our supper the previous night. We didn't have time to eat it that night but it made a great morning tea.

A lot of the country along the Newel highway in NSW is extrememly flat which makes for some long straight stretches of road - great for overtaking. In some places the countryside stretches endlessly flat until the horizon. After Narrandera Geoff drove and I took some photos of the never ending highway from the car.

When we got to Noosa it was absolutely pouring. Then the next morning there was a tsunami warning for the whole east coast of Australia due to an earthquake in the Soloman Islands. We decided to play it safe and hung round the unit until the all clear was given. The rest of the time was mainly spent relaxing at the pool or beach with the kids.

A view of Noosa beach

I took the opportunity to practise a bit with my camera. Photos of the beach and river at Noosa:

On the way home we visited the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. It was really good. They had information displays on all the animals, you could get fairly close and the set out was really nice with lots of pleasant places to sit.


Fiona said...

Awesome pics Melissa! Gotta love the Zoo. Especially those noisy monkeys. hehe.
Looks like you guys had an awesome time, and I can't wait to see some layouts with your pics. ;)

heather said...

Wow looks like you guys had such a great time! The photos are brilliant! I would love to get to the Dubbo Zoo sometime - it looks great :)

Sharon said...

Ah yes love that stretch of road through to Narrandera (NOT!) We go that way at least once or twice a year to my Grandmothers place (the other side of Narrandera. BUT lately we have been bypassing Narrandera and going through to Griffith and visiting my Aunty first then off to Grandmas. Even though it is that little bit longer. Love the pics you took up at Noosa.