Thursday, April 26, 2007

52 Scrapbbooking Challenges #1-5

I've been participating in the 52 scrapbooking challenges at designs in digital (formerly clikchicsdesigns) based on Elisa Flannigan's book. Here are my first five layouts.

1. Whether its a quote, a list of your favourite adjectives or computer-generated phrases, journalling on strips is a great way to add visual excitement to your page. Be creative and use a favourite quote in pieces to add to your design.

2. Convert a favourite photograph into a black-and-white image, and then use it as the focal point photo on your page. It will draw your viewers eye right into the essence of your layout.

3. Use a Ribbon to make a border. No matter how you turn it or what you add to it (think buttons, eyelets, lace and sequins) ribbon is a terrific page border that can be used in so many creative ways - with brads, sequins staples and more. 4. Chipboard Accents. Chipboard is pretty popular at the moment, and by adding chipboard accents to your layouts create a fun and custom look to your layouts. Try using buttons, flowers or anything that appeals to you.5. Embellish a Floral Accent. No matter what your page topic is, I bet you can find a place for a flower accent in your design! But take it up a notch this time. Embellish the centre of your flower with a mini clock, a tiny ribbon or some other embellishment. Dont be afraid to turn a large flower shape into a photo frame!

All credits for these layouts can be found at my designs in digital gallery.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Food for Thought - Routine

I've been reading Gordon McDonald's "Ordering Your Private World" and this passage jumped out at me.

"Because my time as a Christian leader is generally my own to use as I please, it would be very easy to avoid routine, unspectacular duties and give myself only to the exciting things that come along. But most of life is lived in the routine, the man or woman who learns to make peace with routine responsibilites will make the greatest contributions in the long run"

I've thought about this a bit over the last weeks. I think it is very applicable to mothers at home because although there are urgent things that need doing at particular times, large parts of our day are free for us to choose what we want to do and many of the things we need to do are very mundane. I often go through times where I struggle with all the routine (and frankly often quite boring) jobs involved in being a mother and running a house.

So what's the answer? First I need to believe these things are worthwhile and important. Most are because they contribute to both the short term and long term physical, emotional, or financial health of our family. Some may not be - maybe I've been doing them because that's what my mum did or to meet someone elses expectations and if that's the case I'm happy to get rid of them. The others though, just because they're important doesn't mean they're neccessarily exciting or interesting and that's where "making peace" comes in. If I don't, I find I get grumpy, snappy and resentful with my family - the very people I'm supposed to be serving. Every now and then I need to do an attitude check and sometimes I have to make myself think differently. Also a good holiday where you don't have to cook and clean never hurt anybody - LOL. So next time you're cleaning the toilet have a think about this.

Update on Hodge Podge #2

A funny thing happened on the weekend. Traci Murphy started a thread about my layout at DST because she wondered why only a few people had left comments. Now 47 people have commented it's a bit surreal actually. I was happy with this layout and figured other people liked it because I got 4 comments which was more than usual for my non-CT layouts. I only play the praise game for my CT layouts so more people look at them. But it definately wasn't better than a lot of other layouts posted that day. There was one little thing that I wasn't happy with (and I'm not telling what it was) but it would have taken too long to fix and I do have a life. A lot of people that had a look just wouldn't have seen it because of the huge number of layouts posted each day and most people don't have the time to spend looking at everything. I think an interesting question is - are people more inclined to look favourably on a layout if someone like Traci (a respected scrapper and designer) says she likes it?

Some people commented on the photo and to be honest it was a lucky shot - I didn't set it up. I saw Sara hanging from the equipment and just leaned over the top called her name and snapped the photo.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hodge Podge #2

I have decided to join have a go at the HodgePodge challenges just to try some different things. I missed week one but week two was all about elements. The challenge was: 1 piece of paper, 3 elements you haven't used on a layout before and no text. This is what I came up with.

You can see the credits here.

This is a real departure from my usual layouts. I mainly use only one or two kits and not many elements but I was really happy with the way it turned out. It helps to have a gorgeous photo to work with. The bonus: I got layout of the day with this one at

Friday, April 20, 2007

Our artist

I just have to brag about my little girl and share a piece of artwork she bought home from school. It just grabbed my attention (I may be biased but I just love the way she's drawn the fish and the waves on top of the sea.)

She did this painting at kinder last year which was made into cards for sale at the art show.

Another painting from last year of a kookaburra.

Sara has been obsessed with art, drawing and all sorts of craft since she was 2. This year at the father/daughter breakfast at school they had to talk about what they wanted to be when they grow up and Sara said she wanted to be an artist. It seems quite bizarre because Geoff and I are not arty. So I've done a LO because I think these things are great things to remember.

I used Fiona Renwick's soft grunge paper set and swirly doodle brushes.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

LOTD - Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Yesterday I had the worst start to my day. Ethan's has gone backwards with his toilet training and lets just say while I was cleaning the shower we ended up with a very large mess (1s and 2s). Not happy. So when I logged on I had a good vent on the "What peeves me off" thread at Feeling a bit better I check the new threads and found my layout had got layout of the day at nuts4digi and colourline designs. Definately helped save my day and put a smile on my face.

I used Debbie McKenzies Strawbery Fields kit.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A little bit of reading

Check out my bedside table. I'm usually not this slack with putting my books away. Although it does make an interesting snap shot of some of my reading for the last 4 weeks. Now I must do a bit of tidying.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our trip to Noosa

Just got back from a trip to Noosa. We drove - a 2000km round trip. This is our stop in Narrandera. The lovely lady at our motel in Tocumwal had given us some chocolate cake for our supper the previous night. We didn't have time to eat it that night but it made a great morning tea.

A lot of the country along the Newel highway in NSW is extrememly flat which makes for some long straight stretches of road - great for overtaking. In some places the countryside stretches endlessly flat until the horizon. After Narrandera Geoff drove and I took some photos of the never ending highway from the car.

When we got to Noosa it was absolutely pouring. Then the next morning there was a tsunami warning for the whole east coast of Australia due to an earthquake in the Soloman Islands. We decided to play it safe and hung round the unit until the all clear was given. The rest of the time was mainly spent relaxing at the pool or beach with the kids.

A view of Noosa beach

I took the opportunity to practise a bit with my camera. Photos of the beach and river at Noosa:

On the way home we visited the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. It was really good. They had information displays on all the animals, you could get fairly close and the set out was really nice with lots of pleasant places to sit.