Friday, February 2, 2007

Q&A with Sara (First day of school)

Me: What did you do at school today?
Sara: I got my diary, it has my picture on it. I did drawing – I draw on myself.
Me: I can see that. What did you do at lunchtime?
Sara: I play with three.
Hayley: She played with Jessie.
Me: Jessie in year two?
Hayley: Yes.
Me: Were you playing with Emily (Jessie’s sister)?
Sara: Yes and Bethany. Who has the spot under their eye?
Hayley: Clare has the spot.
Sara: Yep I play with Bethany.
Clare and Bethany are twins in Hayley’s class.
Sara: I learned up to three in Italian. Un…I forgot – do you know?
Me: Un, due, tre?
Sara: Yep that’s it.
Me: Did you have a good day?
Sara: Mmm, school’s fun.

Here's the layout using Project 26 kit by Tracy Robinson.

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