Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Family Bonding


A jet of water shot in the face from about 20cm? That's what we call a special father-son moment.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

This week's links ...

It's hot and windy here today. I've had a virus this week and am now on antibiotics and not feeling that special but I did take The Big Girl out this morning for a successful shopping trip to buy a dress for her social that's coming up soon ... looks good and on special which brought it well into our price range. For the rest of the weekend I must do some writing, there is a basketball game this afternoon and Swimming Club Sprint Champs for The Little Girl and The Boy, but thought I'd post some links here while I have some lunch and get my head around what I need to write ...

1. Homemade miracle cleaner ... useful for The Boy's cricket whites?

2. The kids don't mind a bit of vegetarian and I've been adding some vegetarian meals into our regular rotation but with their sport I want to be careful ... here's a list of 12 Complete Vegetarian Proteins. And as a bonus this Keralan Curry was a hit and it has rice and chickpeas which together make a complete protein.

3. No matter what I tell myself it seems that I just can't escape my haphazard approach to the veggie garden but here's how to do it properly ... 6 Steps for Planning Next Year's Garden.

4. I may surprise the ids sometime with some homemade chocolate rice puffs.

5. Plantagram. 4X4 foot veggie garden planting guides.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

This week's links ...

1. Another book list ... 100 Books to Read Before You Die. A good mix of books. I've read 46.

2. I'm refashioning my mornings at the moment, I won't be doing everything in this post but some good ideas in 6 small changes to your morning routine the will transform your entire day.

3. Warren Buffett's 2 list Strategy. Pick the 5 most important things on your list and then avoid at all costs the other 20 until those are completed. Good advice for those of us that may procrastinate on them oust important things by doing other "useful" stuff ... that would be me.

4. I'm wondering what this no churn cheesecake ice cream would be like.

5. The Official Week in the Life starts next week. I've completed this once and I'm thinking about joining in this year, although it's quite likely that i'll get partway through Tuesday, see someone's WITL post and remember that I was supposed to be doing it. Maybe I'll set an alarm Monday to remind me?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

List #7: What we did on a two week holiday to Pt. Lonsdale in September

1. Day trip to Pt. Addis
2. Lizard hunting.


3. Have a slice bake off.
4. A manic game of backyard basketball.
5. Card games.
6. Play Forbidden Island.
7. Climb the trees at the front beach.
8. Find a geocache.


9. Make apple muffins.
10. Play a life size version of Forbidden Island ... also known as make it round the point at low tide. We had one abortive attempt and made it on the second try.




11. Lunch at Charlie Noble.
12. Practice Golf with Grandma.
13. Eat ice creams at Queenscliff Harbour.


14. Visit Grandpa at Vinnie's where he volunteers.
15. Hide and seek at the Uncle's.
16. Lunch at Driftwood.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

This week's links ...

1. I just planted my tomato seeds in toilet rolls that are sitting in my laundry but looking ahead this might be useful ... Trellising tomatoes.

2. I really like the idea of this alphabetic/numeric photo-a-day list.

3. I'm more of a visual person, so I've been experimenting with my note taking and journaling to incorporate more visual interest. Sketchnoting Tips ... and here.

4. Good questions to wrap up your day in this journal.

5. 31 Days to a Meaningful Morning. I found this series during the week and am following along.

Friday, October 17, 2014



Narrated iMovies seem to be the foreign language project of choice this year ... we had my house (in Mandarin), my fashion show (Italian) and the Chinese teacher noticing all the cute pets in the house movies has now set a pet assignment.

Photos needed to be found of Harry so I directed her to my old mac that has all our photos prior to 2013. That was all good but she wondered where the older photos were ... she couldn't find any of him as a puppy.

"Oh, those are all on film"
"What do you mean"
"What like video"
"No, I mean film, you know with negatives."
"How can you not know what film is. We didn't have a digital camera until you were 5."

So today I rummaged through the boxes to find the right photo album and while I was there pulled out an old film cassette.

"See, you stick this in the camera, take 40 photos, then take it out and down to the store to be developed. You pick your photos up after a couple days to see what you got."
"What do you mean"
"There was no screen to check your photos."
"What? That's silly. What if you took all blurry photos."
"You did your best not to."