Sunday, May 10, 2015

This week's links ...

It's nearly the end of the weekend here but if you're looking for something to read here's some links.

1. We finished off the planting in our Japanese inspired courtyard this week. Here's some inspiring Japanese landscapes.

2. 3 Vital Steps to Avoiding Information Overload.

3. In a similar vein Pip's thoughtful post How to Beat Information Overwhelm and still care about the world.

4. Help for weeknight dinners ... 50+ easy school night dinners.

5. Got a busy schedule? You may not need more time, just energy and perspective.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Additions to the family.

Riley meeting the new family members ... in the space of three short weeks we went from no pets to six. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

2015 Album: Wks 7-9

So I'm a little behind with posting these. Today I've got weeks 7-9 because week 8 had hardly any photos so I'm staying flexible and working with what I've got so I combined it with the first page of week 9.

What we did week 7: The Big Girl started school tennis for the year. The Little girl went on an excursion to Hanging Rock. In year 8 they study the book Picnic at Hanging Rock and dress up in period clothes for their own picnic at hanging rock. We went to Box Hill for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Riley was born. We had what I think was our last swim in the pool for the year.

The Pages: I started getting the kids to writes some words for some of their activities that I was not involved in. I think this will be a wonderful addition to our albums. The Little Girl wrote the words and took the photos for Hanging Rock. The first page is a large photo of our summer produce with a list of the veges we were growing.
2015 Life Album Wk7a
2015 Life Album Wk7c
What we did week 8: The Little Girl swam in the GSV PB meet for school and the Metroeast All Juniours Trials on the weekend. The Boy helped at his school picnic DJing and The Big Girl performed in her school house dance drama competition ... her house won!

The Pages: Once again I got the kids to write some words. I only had a few photos so I combined them with some from the next week.

What we did week 9: The girls had their school swimming house sports. The Little Girl swam at the GSV preliminary carnival. I had my first class for the semester. The Big Girl had her last tennis match for the season and The Boy went to a pool party at Watermarc. Hubby and The Boy went to the Avalon Airshow.

The pages: I included the odd photos and our weekly summary with week 8. Then I had two pages with photos from the airshow. The Boy provided a lot of the photos and the words.
2015 Life Album Wk9a
2015 Life Album Wk9b

This week's links ...


1. A cute and easy DIY gift idea for Mother's Day. If I can get my act together some of these will be being made.

2. I was browsing the HeraldSun home magazine last week and there was a recipe for Mee Goreng so I decided to cook it for dinner that night. It was a big hit ... but I did leave out the tofu. Here is the recipe.

3. I also wandered out to the garden and spied our massive overgrown rhubarb (above) so we had Strawberry-rhubarb crisp for dessert.

4. Gorgeous free e-mag decorating with plants (email required).

5. Our climbing roses have been in for almost a year now and it will soon be time to prune so this article on training roses may come in helpful.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Anzac Day ... this week's links.

It is a dreary, rainy day here today with an very early start for our local Anzac dawn service. We were standing about 3/4 back in the crowd so we couldn't see anything but could hear most of it. The rain broke for about an hour in the afternoon so I went for my run and had a closer look at the memorial and wreaths on my way.

Anzac Day Surrey Hills

I hope your weekend's a good one. Here's some links I've been reading.

1. A DIY organic pest spray for the garden.

2. I made these chicken and dumplings for dinner last night. They were yum.

3. A month worth for Salad-in-a-jar recipes.

4. Our study is quite dark, only having 1 south facing window. I got a small terrarium for on the shelf near the window but I'd like to get a least one more plant for that room so this list of plants for darker rooms may come in handy. I already have a ZZ plant and Snake plant in other rooms but I like the look of Pothos for one of the higher shelves in our study.

5. These wonderful day in the life photo projects have got me thinking that maybe it's time to do another one myself.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Cute puppy photos ...

Riley is home and settling in. Expect more cuteness in the coming weeks ... he doesn't run from the camera like the kids sometimes do and he has no teen privacy issues.

Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retriever Puppy