Saturday, November 28, 2015

This week's links ...

Sandwiching my blog writing in between The Little Girl's swim meet this afternoon and The Big Girl's basketball game early this evening ...

1. I'm currently halfway through making Italian Meatloaf for dinner. I hope the kids don't realise but I threw some wilted radicchio that needed eating into the mix.

2. What is grid journaling.

3. This visual journal page is so much fun.

4. Free printable Chalkboard Christmas prints.

5. Printable game for New Year's Eve.

Friday, November 20, 2015

and so it goes ...


 another year and The Boy is 12.  It was pancake cake and nachos for dinner. Money deposited in his bank for a present as well as something to unwrap (I was pointed in the direction of this fun Steve Jobs biography by this post ... where I'll be returning for future gifts.).

He's the kid that sees all the possibilities and none of the consequences. We're trying to help him keep one toe on the ground without ruining him.

Only a few more weeks of primary school to go. High school next year. He's excited. I'm nervous. Even he admits he's organisationally challenged.

But before that he'll celebrate with a birthday party at Bounce Inc.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Melbourne to Alice springs Roadtrip: Day 11 Kings Canyon

This post continues the series on our two week roadtrip from Melbourne to Alice Springs and back during the July school holidays.

My day began with a trip to the general store to pick up milk. Yeah there was no milk. They would be getting some more in on Thursday ... after we had left. There looked to be 3 carrots, two apples and lots of frozen sausages in the fridge. So the lesson is, don't expect to pickup supplies at Kings Canyon ... and that includes diesel ... they were out of that too! They did have some freshly made sandwiches though. The kids decided they would do with salad wraps as we had run out of chicken, but I was a little tired of wraps for lunch after 10 straight days so I picked up a couple of bacon and lettuce sandwiches for Hubby and I.

 Today was the day to tackle the Kings Canyon Rim walk, a 6km walk that starts with 500 steps to the top of the canyon.


The track then follows the rim passing through a variety of landscapes and with spectacular canyon views.

  Being scared of heights I do not like steep drops ... or metal fences that pass over them ... 


About halfway into the walk there is another set of stairs. You can either descend halfway down, cross the bridge and go up the stairs on the other side or continue down into the Garden of Eden.


Don't skip the garden.


Once back on top of the rim, but heading down the opposite side we stopped for some lunch and the boys climbed one of the rock domes.


It wasn't long until we were descending back to the car park.

The afternoon was spent lazing the afternoon away at the resort. Followed by dinner at the restaurant which is actually pretty good.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

This week's links ...


My desk the morning after the midnight deadline for my essay. I had to take the Little Girl to pickup an award at her school sports presentation night before getting back home to cut 400 words from the essay. About half of that is now on the floor next to my desk after I pushed it all off so I had enough space to catch up my work. Clean up will be happening soon but first some links.

1.  We have a foam roller and I credit it with helping me stay running ... I roll my IT band everyday I run. Here's 11 self-massage techniques.

2. 15 Tips to improve your drawing skills.

3. Free Brush Style font (email subscription required).

4. Simplifying your digital life.

5. The value of remembering ordinary moments.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

This week's links ...


 My morning run, long the beach between Pt. Lonsdale. and Queenscliff.  My longest run since I picked up running after my month long break, 8km.

Here's some links for your weekend ...

1. How to raise seedlings.

2. How to Use Evernote to Reduce Paper clutter.

3. BBQ Sauce. I've tried a few different BBQ sauce recipes, may give this one a go.

4. A Season to Gather Happiness.

5. Not doing it all.  Just do the things that matter most to you.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Unexpected gifts

I had my last class of Church: The quest for Christian Community today and realised that I have two weeks to finish my essay not one like I'd thought. Of course that meant that I didn't have to rush home and keep writing, a decidedly unappealing prospect after my early morning wake up and tech wrestles, followed by three hours of class. Instead a took advantage of a small oasis of time between getting home and needing to do the after school driving to water the garden, pick some broad beans and refill our leaky pond. Riley stole a broad bean out of the bowl while I was picking and would have stolen more if I'd let him. It reminded me of the kids sneaking out to the garden with a friend in tow when they were younger to snack on fresh picked pods. Some other little animal has been helping themselves to the broad beans so I stripped every last one which leaves me with a good offering for the communal table over the weekend.


We head off to Pt. Lonsdale to spend the four day weekend with mum and dad (and possibly brother and sister?) tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to some time reading, relaxing and some (but not as much as I had anticipated) essay writing.

The vegetable garden will need to be cleaned out when I get home to make way for some more tomato plants. The lettuces and other seeds I planted have made a start and a single self-seeded sweet pea is putting on a show. Another unexpected gift that gives me a lift every time I see it.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Melbourne to Alice springs Roadtrip: Day 10 Alice Springs to Kings Canyon

This post continues the series on our two week roadtrip from Melbourne to Alice Springs and back during the July school holidays.

Depart Alice Springs 8am.

Morning Tea Erlunder: 9:50-10:15am; 190km.

Lunch Kathleen Springs: 12:50pm; 253km

Kathleen Springs is located about 20km from the Kings Canyon Resort. There is an easy walk 2.4km to the spring fed waterhole at the end of Kathleen Gorge. Being one of only a few permanent water sources in the area, it was well used by cattle farmers. There are signs along the walk with information about the European and aboriginal history in the area.

Kathleen Springs

After our walk we drove on to our accomodation at Kings Canyon Resort. We chose to stay in a family room at the backpackers, sharing the shower block with the campground. To stay in the motel area would have been too costly as we couldn't all fit in one room. As it was we all shared a reasonable room but the shower and toilet block was not very clean when we got there so most of us decided to avoid the shower as much as possible. Luckily we would only be staying two nights. After settling in we went for another easy walk down Kings Creek.

From the end we got our first glimpse of the red cliffs.

Close to sunset a large proportion of the guests start to gather on the sunset viewing platform to enjoy the view. Many took some sunset drinks, or you could purchase at the small bar but we just enjoyed the changing colours of the cliffs as the sun dropped behind the horizon.

Kings Canyon Sunset2